the royal wedding

                                      A WEDDING TO REMEMBER!

A journey of romance culminated into a classic reunion after 8 long years. History was made in London on April 29th when William wedded Kate which will certainly be remembered as the ‘Wedding of the Century’ to the whole world…

The marriage of William Arthur Philip Louis to Catherine Elizabeth Middleton at the Westminster Abbey was a once in a lifetime visual treat for all those who visited and were a part of it. A mark of hysteria scaled new heights among those who witnessed it on TV. The crowd went berserk watching the ceremony on a giant screen live at the Hyde Park. It was a blend of sheer magnificence and grandeur. It was not just the most awaited marriage for many around the world, but also a moment to remember and cherish for a long future to come. The royal married couple was incredibly moved by the crowd’s presence and happiness. The vast crowd outside got their rewards, when the couple drove back in their car which read – ‘JUST WED.’

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